Vincent Ricci - Sculpture, clay modeling,  stone carving, casting, instruction.
Vince Ricci Artist/Teacher 
Born Vincent M. Riccio in New Haven, CT., the second son to Mary & Andrew Riccio. He attended private & public grade schools. Vincent became seriously interested in the arts in 1955 whereupon he began his studies of painting, sculpture and the history of art making. In 1959, Vincent moved to New York City to make changes in his life and to continue to broaden his studies and understanding of his artistic interests.  During the time he lived and worked in New York City, Vincent worked as a painter, actor, and then a sculptor. Vincent met and befriended several  artists, actors and sculptors, some of them were his teachers, others were colleagues in the arts. Notable among them were Donald DeLue, Malvina Hoffman, and Michael Lantz, along with his close friends, Michael Steltzer, Eleanor Mellon and others. "I remember those days and nights as a time of enlightenment and growth" 
In early summer of 1966 Vincent arrived in Paris to take an exam for students entering the Academie des Beaux Arts. After his acceptance at the Beaux Arts he lived and worked in Paris through the winter of 66-67. The following spring after a visit to Rome and the beginning of the student revolt  in Paris, he moved to Italy and transferred his studies to The Accademia di Belle Arti, Rome, where he lived and worked for the next four years. Vincent began his first year at the Accademia di Belle Arti, Rome, and throughout the fall of 1967 worked to meet the requirements to be accepted as a full time matriculating student. By the end of the year he had passed his first exams and was assigned to two formidable professors, Fazzini & Greco, until he graduated 3 years later in the fall of 1970. Living and working in Rome, Vincent divided his time between studies and visiting with his teachers, traveling  Italy and Europe,  meeting  other artists whom he  befriended and worked. He also had time to work in the Italian Western movies for a very short period. Vincent had the opportunity in Paris and Rome to visit some of the greatest works of art and architecture of the western world. To live among such great artistic achievements was a personal Renaissance which made an indelible life long impression on him.
In the late fall of 1970 Vincent Ricci arrived in New York City aboard the Italian ship, Michelangelo, transporting 20 bronze sculptures he created in Italy. On the week long trip aboard the passenger liner Vincent had  a show of his sculpture. Vincent decided that New York City was no longer the place he felt at home, Europe had changed his style and he wanted something more like Europe and especially Italy. He felt that Boston, smaller and full of colleges and universities,was more comfortable. Boston seemed to be experiencing an artistic Renaissance in the city. By the end of the year Vincent was teaching and had contracts to teach in three schools.
In 1988 Vincent Ricci established The Center For the Arts at Villa Maria in Perugia, Italy, offering classes for students from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, MA. where he had been teaching since  returning from Italy. Soon he was accepting students from all parts of the world.  Vincent left the SMFA Boston in 1990, to focus on the Italian program which was flourishing as The Center for the Arts in Greppocrogno, Umbria, until the program was closed in 2006, fifteen years later. During the time that classes were held at Greppocrogno, he established his second home and work place. The Center was a place of extraordinary beauty, located on a hill side surrounded by hundreds of olive trees. Old stone buildings which had been turned into apartments and studio space for artistic use, offered a spectacular panoramic view, and ideal artistic ambience.
After leaving SMFA Vincent moved to Florida were he continued to recruit students for the studies abroad program and offered sculpting classes in his studios.
Vincent now spends most of his time in the Boston area,  living and working in Waltham, MA. at Lincoln Studios.  Vincent works from time to time at Stonybrook Fine Arts Center  in Jamaica Plain, MA. where he does his bronze casting.
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