Vincent Ricci - Sculpture, clay modeling,  stone carving, casting, instruction.
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class of 4-6 students, 3 hours per session with     live models $40.00 per     session  from 4 to 12         weeks.

Vincent returned to the Boston area, he is now at work on several evocative, new sculptural projects. All of Ricci’s works have their roots in the traditional modeling and bronze casting techniques he learned during his studies in New York, Paris, and Rome    

Ricci has recently devoted attention to an ongoing series he calls “The Human Cycle,” a reflection of movement, time and symmetry, describing the human condition. The works in this series reflect Ricci’s emotional connection with the sculpture of the Etruscans, his admiration for the work of Rodin and Giacometti, and the skills he learned from his teachers in Rome, Pericles Fazzini and Emilio Grecco.
As Ricci explains, “I have always been interested in the mystery of human existence: our relationship to time, space, and to each other. Through my sculpture I express what I think of as three-dimensional story telling through the serene isolated figure or intensely animated groups. I work with cycle themes that explore the transition between time and space, much as a film does. At times I use lifelike fragments of the body leaving it for the viewer to fill in the empty spaces for himself.”
For many years, Ricci was director and instructor in sculpture at the Center for the Arts, Villa Maria, Greppocorgno, near Perugia, where he instructed his students in modeling, mold making, casting, and drawing from life. Prior to his work in Italy he taught at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (1970-1989). He first came to Boston in 1970, having been recruited to teach at Boston University by his longtime friend Harold Tovish. Along with Tovish, Maud Morgan and David Aronson he was a founding member of the Boston Visual Artists Union. Currently he serves as artist in residence at The Lincoln Studios in Waltham and is now moving to The Sandpaper Factory in Rockland, MA., an artistic center with studios for working and teching artist of many disciplines.  
Ricci has exhibited his work widely over the years in the U.S. and Europe. He was singled out for attention as early as the 1960s when his work was shown at the National Academy of Design in N.Y., as well as the Ecole des Beaux Arts, in Paris and the Accademia di Belli Arti in Rome. Shortly after settling in Boston he exhibited at the Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, the G. W.V. Smith Art Museum in Springfield, Ma. and the Worcester Art Museum.
Ricci’s new work may be available for viewing at his new studio and gallery at The Sandpaper Factory 83 E. Water St. Rockland, MA. 02370  For information about sales and commissions call 727-458-3720  e-mail

You are cordially invited to the opening of The new studios, view new art works Meet with the artist, see his workspace and learn about his workshops. Date TBA.

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